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“The Creation” Recital next week!

Recital time is next week! This year we are having two recitals to accommodate for better seating, and to let the girls have twice the opportunity to dance and wear their costumes! The recitals are at Reading Elementary next Tuesday and Wednesday nights (May 23rd and 24th) at 6:30 p.m. Free of charge. To divide up the nights in general, we would like to invite family members and friends of our ‘Littles,” “Ballet A,” Ballet B,” and “Beginning Irish” to fill up the audience chairs on the first night of the recital (Tuesday the 23rd), and then friends & family of “Ballet C,” “Ballet D,” “Hard Shoe Irish,” and “Company” to come be our audience the second night (the 24th). Of course, all dancers come to perform both nights   We hope you come and enjoy our dance story of “The Creation!”