Dear Marcia,

Thank you for a wonderful year in preschool!  Jonathan had such a positive experience.  I especially appreciate you “loving him” into being good.  He has gained a lot of confidence in his “power” to be good.  Thank you for being patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic when he behaved well!  He really thrived on your positive feedback.  I am so grateful that we put Jonathan in your preschool!  He has learned such valuable skills that will help him as he continues in school.  Thank you for all your time and effort in directing such an impressive preschool!    Love, Stephanie


Dear Marcia & all teachers @ Centerville Academy,

Just a thank you for all your work!  Gardner absolutely loves school and that speaks volumes to me about what goes on there!    Sincerely, Shelley

Dear Marcia,

We are amazed everyday to see how much Cami has learned the past few months.  It’s so nice how she is capable of talking and learning to express herself now after 3 years.  Thank you for giving her a chance.  We know you have had a lot of patience with her, and your patience and hard work has paid off.  It means so much to us to have Cami be involved with other kids to help her grow.  We are so thankful to have found you.  Preschool and Gingerbread Kids has made all the difference in Cami.   Love, Mark and Annette

Dear Marcia,

I want to make sure you know how much I’ve appreciated you as Cameron’s teacher this past year.  You have taught him so many good things.  I love the energy and enthusiasm you teach with.  I wish you could move up to Kindergarten with him.   Thanks again, Wendy


Thank you for the love you show and give to Kaleb–you have built great self esteem in Kaleb.  Some children never gain good self esteem.  I truly believe you have encouraged that in Kaleb.  He has always come home with a positive experience & knows that he is loved at preschool.  He will miss your school and most of all he will miss you!  He has come home countless times and said, “Mom, Ms. Marcia loves me!”   Thank you, Anne Marie

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

We just wanted to thank you for all you have done for John this past school year.  We feel like he is prepared to go on to Kindergarten and we know that this is due largely to your excellent work with him in preschool.  We can see in you your love and delight in children and we have enjoyed all the programs you have had.  We will always remember your kindness.  We wish you the best always!    Sincerely, Dave & Joye

Marcia, Jody, & SalliJune,

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your love and kindness toward Deseree in preschool and dance.  This has been a trying year for our little family of three.  You provided her with attention, skill, praise, happiness, and–most importantly–your TIME when I wasn’t personally able.    God bless you, Amber