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Dan Anderson’s Dream:  Creative Renovation

Building in 1983

Building in 1983

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When Dan Anderson drove up onto the blacktop of the lot of the old 2nd ward church in Centerville, Utah, Marcia was not exactly thrilled.  “Dan–that is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.  Do not even think about moving here!” were her exact words.  While a rusty iron fence, large weed patch in front, and caved-in roof with dangling shingles would frighten most people away, to Dan it was like a diamond in a haystack.

The year was 1980.  Three years later, Dan purchased the property, and the Anderson family moved in.  Today it stands beautifully preserved as an active preschool and performing arts center, and keeps Dan happily active in the continual process of renovation.  Even after suffering a car accident and subsequent coma in 1998, Dan still can be seen mowing the lawn, sheet rocking walls, and painting his latest bargain find at the D.I.


Centerville Academy named a Historic Site

District #14 or Centerville #2 School or North Centerville Church

PlaqueAn Adobe schoolhouse was built in 1864 on the John Barnard property. It was called School District #14 or Centerville #3. In 1875, a larger rock building replaced the adobe school. Later, a red brick entryway was built on the west end. Still later, this brick addition was expanded on the south side beyond the rock part, with a covered porch. Grades 1 through 5 were taught here in a single room.

Similar to many early buildings, the school also served as a church. The North Centerville residents attended Sunday School here. After primary was introduced in 1880, Primary meetings were also held in this building. However, all Sacrament Meetings were held in the adobe school house in the middle of town, until the rock church was built on the same square in 1881.

In 1916, Centerville elementary school was built, which included the children from the District school. the Centerville ward was divided on December 23, 1917, creating Centerville First and Centerville Second wards. The Second Ward included members living north of Parrish Lane. They continued to hold their meetings in the rock school house. In 1918, the rock house was torn down and a new Church was built at the same location for the Centerville Second Ward. The first meetings were held there on March 2, 1919. The building continues to be used as a School and a private residence today.