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Auditioning Prep–Summer Classical Ballet Camp Opportunity

Every August/September, Ballet West holds open auditions for their Nutcracker production audition. Some of our students have expressed interest in this opportunity.  While this is an exciting possibility–to be among professional ballerinas and have a part in this highly prestigious production of the Nutcracker–these auditions can be grueling and emotionally overwhelming, especially if the dancer has not prepared to the best of her abilities.

So, we have a special opportunity for the dancers of our studio!  A good friend of Nikki’s–Michelle Jackman–is offering some summer workshops in Heber City.  Michelle’s studio is called “Classical Youth Ballet” and is located in Heber City.  She has performed with Ballet West alongside her daughter.  And she is an amazing teacher (Nikki’s very own mentor) and will prepare them for Ballet West auditions because she has been there many times herself!  How better to train our dancers who are interested in Ballet West than by letting them mentor with someone who has reached the same goal!

Michelle’s intensive camp runs for three weeks, from July 6th to the 23rd, Monday through Thursday.  You can choose whether you want to do one, two or the entire three weeks.  She has offered “host families” for students of our Academy to stay with, if that would be helpful.

Plus, she has offered an EXTRA SPECIAL offer exclusively for our girls. She has offered for them to come on Saturday, May 3rd to a class with ALLISON DeBona!! A principal dancer for Ballet West! This is an amazing opportunity. We have two vans that will be going up, and we are willing to carpool you up in either Nikki’s or Salli’s vans. Let’s get these girls to their dreams!