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Serving the children of Davis County for 35 years!  Centerville Academy center for the performing arts and learning offers a spacious Preschool, a neighborhood Dance program, a Christmas Children’s Choir and a monthly Date Night Dance Night opportunity for couples to come Social Dance.  Formerly the Centerville 2nd Ward Church house from 1919 to 1964, Dan and Marcia Anderson bought it in ’83 with their family, restoring and renovating the old church to become their home and their way to contribute to the great town of Centerville.  Their daughter and her husband bought the building in 2016, keeping the family tradition alive.  We hope to keep serving our community for generations to come!

 Knowledge.   Knowledge is a precious thing:  once you have it, it stays with you forever.  And the things you learn while you are young in particular become a special part of you.  That’s why here at Centerville Academy, we strive to teach with good home town values underlying everything we do–values of caring, kindness, sharing, fairness and love.  These are the things that we hope stay with our students for a lifetime!

 Cooperation.  We thrive on cooperation, not competition.  Throughout all our programs, we strive to foster a feeling of needing each other to succeed better.  We are better together.  That’s why, in our Dance studio,  we choose to be a ‘practice & performance’ based studio, instead of ‘competition’ based.  Our goal is not to move ahead of each other; instead it is to grow together as a group, collectively and individually. 

 Space.   With 8,000 square feet of space and a full-sized gym, the building is a unique gem, celebrating its 100th birthday this year!  There is ample space to create, build, sing, move, dance and play with high ceilings with stained glass windows to let imaginations soar high!  Previously serving as the Centerville 2nd Wardhouse Church, it is a historical landmark of its own.  Rental of our space is available.

 Community.   There is a warmth about Centerville’s community, and we strive to enhance that at events and gatherings here.  Every month we hold a social dance for adults to strengthen marriages and provide an inexpensive date night out.  Three times a year Marcia Anderson invites parents & family of her preschoolers to come to their programs and often sing along–what would Halloween be without “Black Cat”?  Making meaningful moments as a community is what we love!  






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